Monday, May 26, 2008

Fashion for Women- An Important Agenda

Fashion for Women has always been a hot topic. Fashion has always been a question whether for a man or for a woman. But it has always been more intense where women are considered. As fashion is something that keeps on changing with times it becomes quite difficult for many women to keep pace with it. But still there are many women who believe that fashion and style should be on one’s priority list.

Among the fashion statement for women sarees are considered something that can never go out of style and that gives maximum emphasize to a women’s figure. But what women love and adore is the exquisite contour and color and the vibrant luster of the fabric.

It has been seen that the carefree touch of the cloth has been of more importance to most of the women. An all time trend setter is what denim is considered as where fashion for women is considered. Casual ethnic jewelry adds a touch of class to the fashion. Whether it’s gold or silver jewelry or whether its metal or plastic, accessories are an all time favorite of women.

Handbags have also been considered as a very essential part of a woman’s fashion statement whether it’s a simple leather purse or something trendy like clutches. It has always been a woman’s best friend whether it’s a casual outing or any formal party. Without matching handbags one’s fashion is incomplete. Cosmetics also play a vital role in a woman’s fashion.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Sunglasses are the most essential item for the summers. It is a helpful piece of accessory which has dark or colored lenses to protect our sensitive eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. The damaging UVA and UVB rays of the sun lead to the formation of cataract in the eyes. It also causes several skin diseases like rashes, black spots and skin darkening.

The basic use of sunglasses is to protect our eyes; however, it became a fashion statement in the 1940’s and the trend continues with many brands launching their range of exclusive and expensive glasses. It makes it more stylish when the film actors and celebrities endorse latest designs offered by Indian as well as foreign brands.

Sunglasses come in different shape and sizes both for men and women. Some of the popular brands are Chanel, D&G, Gucci, Oakley, RayBan, Versace, Prada and many others. Different shapes of sunglasses are oval, round, rectangular, aviator, Cat-eye and oversized.

Only the affluent and rich segment of the society can afford brand sunglasses. The majority of the middle income group who cannot flatter themselves with the original glasses can make do with the replicas of the original designs sold at affordable prices in the streets of many cities.
Sunglasses are not a luxury anymore. It is a basic item that everyone wears and should wear during summers and on the beaches to avoid the harmful rays of the sun that damage our eyes. The youth are very brand conscious and possessing a branded sunglass is not only cool but a style statement too.